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Business Assistance during Covid-19

At Amellior, we know the concern and challenges that COVID-19 is presenting to individuals and to businesses alike. Our focus is primarily on ensuring the health and safety of our immediate and extended team, clients and our community. The negative impact on businesses could be major and we are already seeing some significant disruption. We are all showing up not only to run Amellior, but to broaden our flexibility and assist our clients – existing and new – beyond what we have ever had to do before. We are also checking in with one another and making sure we are as calm, collected and as happy as we can be during these most difficult of times. We love being the team that we are, and we love serving you. 

During this unprecedented time, businesses are having to shift their processes and operations and are having to review costs, including those relating to their workforce. As business owners and managers look for ways to keep their businesses afloat, key unfinished tasks can build up in the background, and planning for a post-COVID-19 scenario may not even be a factor for many companies. None of us knows what the world will look like as we emerge from the current pandemic, but we do know that it will look different. 

If you are struggling with your to-do list or simply need an extra pair of capable hands to help with tasks that need urgent attention, we are here, with special rates and more-flexible-than-ever terms to help see you through this challenging time.

We are a team of hard-working, dedicated and experienced Virtual Assistants (VAs), marketing experts, social media practitioners, management consultants, and more, and there is rarely a business support role that we cannot fulfil, however large or small.

We are also great planners and thinkers. Creativity and common sense form the backbone of our company ethos, and we can help you plan your company’s “exit” from this crisis. 

Please feel free to contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we can arrange a no-obligation call with you to discuss your challenges. Wishing you all the best, Louise and team at Amellior.


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