The benefits of smart-sourcing for small and growing businesses

A plethora of tips for growing your business exists out there: lists of tips, the dos and don’ts of every aspect of the business from credit control to marketing. But what holds them all together and where is value truly derived? When you started this business it was easy: or rather, it wasn’t easy, it just became necessary to learn as quickly as possible. It looked straightforward, at least. Areas you couldn’t handle you either ignored (usually marketing!) or assigned to someone very focussed on that one function, e.g. accounts. You tried to focus on why you had set up your business in the first place – your core skill and the function that brings in the money, only to find that you were being distracted by things such as your need for a CRM, your need to set up meetings, book travel, get your proposals looking top notch, researching a prospect’s industry and preparing spreadsheets for your accountant and decide on which software tools night improve your company’s efficiency and store its data effectively and usefully. Not only that, but everyone was telling you that you needed to be “all over” Social Media, and yet you haven’t a clue, plus is this REALLY the best use of your time?

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Will your Small Business New Year’s Resolutions list include “Letting Go”?

It’s the time of year we think most excitedly about forthcoming plans for our lives, and our businesses. This is going to be THE year, we tell ourselves. The year I get my back office ducks in a row, the year I start doing Social Media “properly”, the year I finally get that extra pair of hands to help me chase those invoices, the year I get some HR advice, the year that I do all of the above.

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Why is branding so important?

The Importance of Branding to Small Businesses

Even the smallest start-up company needs to be clear about its brand. It’s often the case that branding is considered something for the bigger players, but don’t overlook it! It’s what sets your company apart and gives it life and a reason both for customers to engage, and to keep coming back for more. Your branding is your promise to your customer. It tells them what they can expect from your products and services, and it differentiates your offering from those of your competitors. Your brand is derived from who you are as a company, what you aspire to be and what you want people to perceive you to be.
The battle for customers is ever-intensifying, especially online – so standing out and getting your personality and offering out there is both challenging and a must.

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