Why I want to get involved with your brand... or not.

My approach to creating dynamic, exciting and powerful marketing initiatives for my clients stems from how I engage with brands, companies and organisations (such as social clubs) myself, and why I want to work with them.

When I engage with brands or organisations I look for five main things:

People – does the organisation have a personality and a clear human element?
Culture – do I like and want to be part of the organisation’s culture?
Ease of engagement – is it easy for me to get involved?
Fun – is it fun for me to engage and be involved?
Reward – what’s in it for me, and will it be a satisfying experience?

My questions from there are:

Can your members and target potential members/engagers see and feel all of this?
Is there a clear message that is going to attract and hold the sorts of people you’re after?
Any marketing initiatives that we undertake here at Amellior will always begin with identifying and understanding your goals. We then work to help our clients achieve them in a no-nonsense and dynamic way.

The initiatives can include:

Consolidation of various marketing initiatives and “voices”
Social Media strategy and execution
Website improvement and SEO
Brand development, reputation building and campaign planning and execution
Event planning and business development
Would you add anything to this?