Will your Small Business New Year’s Resolutions list include “Letting Go”?

It’s the time of year we think most excitedly about forthcoming plans for our lives, and our businesses. This is going to be THE year, we tell ourselves. The year I get my back office ducks in a row, the year I start doing Social Media “properly”, the year I finally get that extra pair of hands to help me chase those invoices, the year I get some HR advice, the year that I do all of the above.

And yet, in the back of your mind you may be quietly convincing yourself that while YOU can still carry out all those tasks, what would be the point of using a Virtual Assistant or consultant to help you – wouldn’t that just be a waste of money? So I suggest you ask yourself, which of the tasks you’re carrying out did you actually set up the business for? Did you have it in mind you would be a credit controller when you set up your management consultancy? Did you fancy yourself as a marketer (despite no experience) when you set up your technology company? Did you really want to be sitting up at night researching your competitor and industry news when you set up your recruitment company? And while you’re carrying out all those extra administrative tasks, what’s happening to the time you could be spent concentrating on your core business? Are you expecting to run your business effectively if you’re exhausted and burnt out? Also, ask yourself how you are being perceived to your prospects (and indeed existing clients) – can you deliver your core services to them if you covering all – or most - bases within your company?

The excitement we feel at the prospect of change and growth at the beginning of each year often fades away as the weeks and months pass, as does our resolve to make those changes we promised ourselves. Sometimes we simply don’t know how to make the changes, or convince ourselves it’s too expensive for the business right now, without realising that the very thing you could be spending on can ultimately be helping you MAKE money. How often have you said to yourself “I’ll get that extra help I need once I’ve hit this or that target”, only for the target never to be hit, or to be shifted again by some outside force?

Let me cut to the chase: why not make THIS year, this MONTH the time you take a step in the direction of getting the help and support you need? It’s simple. Are you worried that someone working with you in a remote way won’t “get” you and your business and that you will have little or no control? Letting go of tasks you don’t enjoy anyway can be liberating beyond belief, and who knows what that extra pair of hands and that extra business brain, can bring to your entire life, as well as your business.

Make time for yourself, and your friends and family. Step out of the office environment from time-to-time to clear your head and refresh yourself and your ideas. Outsourced staff from a solid, reliable Business Support or Virtual Assistants company will get to know your business intimately and work as part of your very own team. They will have your back and they will bring vital fresh thinking and experience to your business too. Take the leap and, trust me, you will not look back!