What we do

Amellior delivers high-quality, intuitive, professional and business-enhancing services to a range of clients from the single entrepreneur to the medium-sized business and beyond.

We save our clients precious time, help their business to grow and allow them to budget; with our flexible service, the cost-base can be scaled up or down according to their needs.

The business support services we provide are wide-ranging and comprehensive, covering such areas as diverse as social media strategy and support, to executive PA services, project management, event management and assistance with operational processes. Our senior consultants also undertake work at Board level.

The qualities that are most treasured by our clients are our commercial experience, our attention to detail, our intuition and ability to "blend" with our clients, and our confidentiality, to name but a few.

The business support industry continues to grow in line with the changing business needs of entrepreneurs and companies. What many lack is a personal touch. Where Amellior stands out is with the ability of its staff to understand and integrate seamlessly with a business's needs, rather than presenting it with a raft of untailored, off-the-shelf services. At Amellior, we don't parcel our services up into "divisions"; rather, we see them as "additions".

Amellior's personnel have a lot of experience at executive, management and senior PA level and will take a proactive approach to all the services offered, from simple administration to marketing, IT, Human Resources, project management and beyond.

Our personnel are innovative, flexible and commercially aware and will offer clients support on a long or short-term basis, charging agreed rates and incurring no employee rights or liabilities. Amellior is able to offer support at an agreed per hour or per project rate. This cost-effective system allows the client to stay in control of administrative and other tasks and focus on the management of their business. Our services provide financial - as well as operational - benefit to our clients as we help them save money or make money: in many cases both.

As well as the many business support services we offer, Amellior also offers a business/consultancy start-up package that takes away the pain of start-up to allow the business leaders to focus on developing their business. Once the business is up and running with Amellior's start-up support, the ongoing maintenance and management of the processes put in place can continue to be managed and executed by our team as required.

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